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Over the past several years, companies such as Accruent, DXC Technology, and High Voltage Software have chosen New Orleans as an ideal location for their operations. These are in addition to the locally grown companies such as LookFar, Lucid, Revelry Labs, and more. New Orleans Tech was created to communicate the news about the tremendous growth seen in the digital and technology industries, while helping companies and individuals interested in moving to New Orleans understand more about the opportunities found here.

New Orleans is already famous around the world for its unique culture, music, food, and art, but did you know about the city's rapid growth as a hub for technology companies?

The Makers

What began as a small group of companies with limited resources is now one of the most exciting technology markets in the country. Companies are able to blossom in New Orleans because of the the most aggressive tax incentives of their kind in North America, a entrepreneur-friendly environment, a world-renowned culture that attracts a robust workforce, and leaders who are committed to growing a better New Orleans and Louisiana.

Tech Career Opportunities

In addition to the technology companies that call New Orleans home, there are a large number of traditional businesses which utilize a large tech team to execute digital projects.

Why You Should Join Us

  25% rebate on software development payroll costs

  18% rebate on software development production costs

  Low cost + High culture market

New Orleans is home to one of the most active technology communities in the country. The reasons why are easy to understand. Our local tech community is filled with people who work among over 100 companies that work in technology, we all come together for weekly, monthly, and huge annual events that promote the growth of this industry here in New Orleans. That's something you won't find in other cities. And what comes out of this teamwork? New companies are created by collaborations, innovative products that serve the public are built, and investments are made in New Orleans from around the world. Now, we're seeing some of the brightest minds in technology move here from around the world to work right here in New Orleans. Plus, on top of all of the career opportunities that exist here, the fact remains that New Orleans is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. No matter the lifestyle needs of desires you may have, Southeast Louisiana has what it takes to make this area your next home.

How You Can Join Us

Working remotely in New Orleans

Tech workers from around the world are moving to cities that bring them a combination of personal gratification and professional opportunity — which has been made easier than ever due to an overall acceptance of remote work. As companies allow their talented workers to choose a location that best serves their needs, New Orleans is emerging as a place where people seeking a unique culture want to live.

Remote Worker Survey

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Getting a job in New Orleans

As a result of the rapid growth in the technology industry of New Orleans, technology jobs are ready to be filled. Whether you're looking for an opening with a small startup, an established mid-sized company, or a large global brand, your next job is available here in New Orleans. So, if you or someone you know has the skills to be the next great software developer, UI designer, database manager, app developer, or entrepreneur, we're ready and waiting. Of course, we know that many people don't come to New Orleans alone, so if your friend or loved one will be joining you, rest assured that there are hundreds of professional jobs in local industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, international trade, biosciences, and emerging environmental. To find your next great job, be sure to visit

Moving to New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans area is home to many different lifestyle options, from city living to suburban simplicity to life on the lakefront, and more, as seen through dozens of local communities. With that in mind, we've helped create a virtual moving guide for the New Orleans area called Destination GNO. To find the right part of town for your needs and desires, just plug in the type of area you'd like to live and rank the community features that are most important to you, and what you get are a list of communities presented in order of compatibility with you. Think of it like a dating website for your next home. Learn more about moving to Greater New Orleans at

Expanding your company in New Orleans

The advantages of doing business in Greater New Orleans are unmistakable. Here in Louisiana we offer a cash rebate of up to 25% off qualifying payroll expenses and up to 18% off qualifying production expenses. Our operating costs trail the national average, with highly affordable tax, real estate, and utility rates. Plus, the unmistakable culture found in New Orleans means that locals want to stay, and future residents want to be here. Moreover, the commitment to growing our economy is in sync from the governor down to the municipal government leadership, ensuring that the conditions here now will remain in place for the foreseeable future. If you're interested in learning more about how your company can relocate or open a satellite office in Greater New Orleans, contact Grady Fitzpatrick at